Hibari Kyouya (renegare) wrote,
Hibari Kyouya

Parasite: Allen Walker. First notice.

Your extension to the loan taken from Azula has expired as of four minutes.

2:49 h until the leverage is eliminated. Its continued welfare depends on your financial terms.

A 20% interest/day will be added on the cost of everything it eats.

Parasite: Dean Winchester. Third notice.
Arrangements have been made for your organs to be put to use or removed to repay your debt.

Your living arrangements have been set on fire altered.


Remaining parasites will be bitten to death on schedule.

[ ooc: ...aaaaand he's loose on the streets >>! Just another debt hunter, feel free to run into him, hire him or claim he's after your character ;; network/action = okay, threadjacking = even better >>! ]
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